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State Budget Passes the House

Last week, the Texas House took up House Bill 1 - the state budget for the 2016-2017 bienium. The debate lasted over 17 hours, beginning at noon on Tuesday and ending with the final vote at 5:40 a.m. Wednesday morning. It was a long, exhausting process, but in the end, we passed a thought-out, deliberate piece of legislation that was examined by every member of the Texas House.

HB1 is a balanced and fiscally responsible budget that addresses the needs of our growing state. It 
invests significant resources in public schools, boosts formula funding for higher education, invests additional general revenue in transportation, and promotes border security and public safety. HB1 also prioritizes mental health and graduate medical education, provides funding for hundreds of new state troopers in the border region, covers Medicaid caseload growth, and makes the pension plan for retired state employees actuarially sound. Additionally, HB1 falls well beneath the Constitutional spending limit and does not appropriate any money from the Economic Stabilization Fund. 
Now that it has passed overwhelmingly (141 to 5) in the Texas House, HB1 moves to the Senate for debate. 

Committe on Public  Health 

Serving as Chair of the House Public Health Committee has been an eye-opening experience. It is difficult to express the range of subjects that come before the committee, and cation Authority. HB2848 is the funding mechanism for all institutions supported by the Higher Education Fund, which is reallocated every ten years. I am very proud to carry these bills to help the public colleges and universities across the state. 


Visitors & Guests

To support legislation for the Texas Woman's University student center, TWU students traveled to Austin to testify at the bill's hearing. It was a pleasure to meet Pablo Vega, Inioluwa Adedokun, and Shaunon McClellan, who did an excellent job testifying before the committee on the importance of this bill. I am so impressed by these dedicated students and their interest in the legislative process. 

The Porter Family stopped by my Capitol office to say hello, and I had a great time visiting with them. John Porter is Deputy Constable for Precinct 3 and an active member of the Lewisville community. It was a pleasure to meet with him and his charming family. 

After laying out HB967, which will create a pilot program to evaluate the use of radio frequency identification technology in group homes, I joined my team of supporters outside the House Committee on Human Services. They all did such a great job speaking on behalf of the bill and I am lucky to have them on my side. 



Proudly serving District 64 since 2000, I will continue to do my best to fully represent the great people of Denton County. Please contact me at any time. 

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Sunday, April 5, 2015