March Legislative update



Missing Home
While I am in Austin, please know that I am still available to help you, my constituents, any way that I can. Over the past few weeks, I have had a few situations that reminded me of why I am really here - to help you and to do my part to make government more efficient. 

I received an email from a Denton family who was in the very long process of adopting a baby from out-of-state. They had gone to Idaho to pick up the newborn, only to be told that the proper paperwork had not been filed and they would have to wait for approval. FIVE WEEKS LATER, they were still waiting. I was outraged that paper-shuffling had kept a family separated from their new baby. I made a few phone calls, found the missing papers, and 24 hours later, the overjoyed parents returned to Texas with their child. 

A few days later, I received another call from a constituent. A would-be insurance agent was trying to file the necessary paperwork to establish his own insurance practice. However, due to a miscommunication, his license was delayed and he was very close to losing the opportunity to secure his branch. My staff and I were able to help him navigate the bureaucracy, the license was approved, and one more small business was saved. 

One of my responsibilities as your Representative is to make sure government is as effective and efficient as possible. Government often becomes an unnecessary roadblock instead of a service for our community. Please reach out to me if you have a situation where I can be of help. I am here in Austin, fighting on your behalf. 

Denton County Days 
Despite the ice storm brewing across the state, a group of dedicated Denton County citizens made the trek to Austin on February 23-24 for Denton County Days. This two-day event gave community leaders an opportunity to meet with top elected officials to discuss the many assets of the county and heighten the overall visibility of the North Texas area. It was a blessing to see so many friendly faces from home. 
Visitors & Guests

It was a pleasure to see Jeff King, Chair-Elect of the Denton Chamber Board, Representative Cesar Blanco of El Paso, Representative Wayne Faircloth of Galveston, former City Mayor Mark Burroughs, andAssistant City Manager John Cabrales at the Denton County Days Legislative Reception.
Members of the Denton Chapter of Young People in Recovery met with me during their Legislative Day to share their interests and concerns for the Session. They are part of a national organization that works to support young people seeking recovery by assisting with stable employment, suitable housing, continuing education, and full and complete treatment.

Volunteers with Denton County Friends of the Familystopped by my Capitol office last week to speak to me about their fantastic organization. Friends of the Family has been in  Denton County since 1980, and is dedicated to providing comprehensive support services to those impacted by domestic violence and sexual assault, and promoting safety, healing, and prevention in the community.
Proudly serving District 64 since 2000, I will continue to do my best to fully represent the great people of Denton County. Please contact me at any time. 
Connect with me:
Capitol: P.O. Box 2910, Austin, TX 78768  l  Room 1N.10  l  (512) 463-0582
District: 110B Gotcher Ave  l  P.O. Box 535, Lake Dallas, TX 75065  l  (940) 321-0013