About Myra

Myra Crownover is a fiscal conservative who believes strongly in the principles of limited government and family values.  A former public school teacher, Representative Crownover is currently involved in the banking and energy industries.  She was raised in Colorado City, Texas, where she graduated from Colorado High School.  She earned her Bachelor's degree in education from Southern Methodist University and her Master's degree from Texas A&M University.  In 1970, Myra married Ronny Crownover, DVM. They celebrated their 30th anniversary before his death in March of 2000. Representative Crownover has four children and six grandchildren.

Fiscal Conservative

Myra has been recognized several times over for her fiscally conservative, pro-business stance on issues affecting both the Denton area as well as the State of Texas. She has been recognized multiple times as a "Champion for Free Enterprise” by the Texas Association of Business (their highest honor for an elected official) and was named a “Courageous Conservative” by the Texas Conservative Coalition.  

Family Values

Representative Crownover is widely recognized for her commitment to family values.  In 2005, she was able to pass legislation expanding the number of genetic disorders newborn Texans are screened for from 7 to 29.  That year the March of Dimes named her a “Advocate of the Year” for her work on behalf of Texas newborns.  In 2011, Representative Crownover led the effort to add a screening for Cystic Fibrosis and in 2013 she passed House Bill 740 that adds a non-invasive test for Critical Congenital Heart Disease.  Over 500 Texas children and their families have been given a new lease on life due to the early detection of otherwise debilitating and often fatal disorders. 


Representative Crownover has an impeccable pro-life voting record and has been endorsed by the Texas Alliance for Life and the LIFE PAC for her work on pro-life issues.  One of the greatest current threats to the unborn is secondhand smoke and Representative Crownover continues to fight hard for a ban on smoking in the workplace so that Texas moms do not have to choose between their paycheck and the health of their unborn children.

2nd Amendment

Representative Crownover is committed to protecting every citizens’ right to bear arms.  She maintains  an “A” rating and has been endorsed by both the National Rifle Association and the Texas State Rifle Association. 


In 2011, Representative Crownover was appointed to the Appropriations Committee and Vice-Chair of the Energy Resources Committee. Additionally, she served as the Vice-Chair of the House Republican Caucus. 

In 2011 and 2013 Representative Crownover was asked to serve on the Conference Committee on the Budget.  Only five members of the House and five members of the Senate are appointed to this committee and the appointment is recognition for her expertise and years of hard work on the Texas budget.  During the 10 years Representative Crownover has served as a member of the Appropriations Committee, the Texas general revenue budget has decreased by 11.5% when accounting for population growth and inflation.