Local Support

Community Leaders Who Support Myra

Morris and Anne Vaden
Charles and Stephanie Correll
R. William and Theresa Wood
Frank and Patricia Martino
Matthew and Whitney Gohlke
Mark Vane
Mehrdad Moayedi
Jeff and Karen Morris
Phillip and Sonya Williams
James and Linda McNatt
Michael and Sabra Dreyspring
Scott and Judith Walker
Paige Nelson
Joanne Moses
Terry and Linda Eden
Jerry and Pat Falbo
G.N. and Janice Crump
James and Mary Kay Bishop
Lamar  Ball Jr.
Robert and Bette Sherman
L.L. Larue
Steven and Susan Alspach
Lee  and Jayne Howell
Linda Glass
Jean Schaake
Phillip Young
Patricia Haworth
Gus and Karen Seligmann
Martha Goen
Jerry Mohelnitzky
Fred and Patsy Patterson
Col. Frederick and Barbara Pole
Bruce and Rita Burleson
Rose Harpool
James and Margaret Bays
Rob and Marilyn Gentry
Gayle Strange
Millard and Pat Heath
John and Veronica Beasley
Everette Newland
Dr. John and Nancy White
Frank and Marta Dudowicz
Rudolph and Carol Cajka
Curtis and Paula Loveless
Sue Hundt
Lynn Gumfory 
Kent and Helene Ramey
Dr. & Mrs. Redman
David and Donna Piatt
William and Marcia Merritt 
Dr. K.S. Stream
Peggy Capps
Thyla Hogan
John and Joy Siegmund
Benny and Barbara Russell
Scott Moulton
Gene and Judy Gohlke
Margaret Chalfant -
Kathey Hannah
Kelly and Nancy Selby
Pat Highfill
Janice Freeman 
C. Reid and Elizabeth Ferring 
John and Elizabeth Eddy
Greg Jane Naugher
Wallace and Cherie Mulkey
Jack and Tish Becker
Harold and Patricia Reed
Ann Stuart
James and Gloria Newman
Sharon Rainey
G.W. and Helen Davis 
Patricia Reinke
Robert Moses
K. Scott and Shari Brown 
Cathy Orr
William Atkins
Thomas Garbacik
Dr. & Mrs. Roy Kindrick
Jack Briscoe
Al and Darlene McNatt
Eleanor Swan 
William and Heather Cheek
Weaver and Jan McClure
Billye Akin
Peter and Patricia Lane
Christopher Watts 
David and Marilyn Dailey
Joseph Mulroy
Fred and Jo Anne Cassell 
Marcus and Cela Lewis
Mildred Pittman
Sidney and Sharon Dahl
Steve Allen
Vic Suhm
D.W.  Benedict
John Draude
Karen Trivitt
Clyde Fisher
John and MaryKay Smith
Don and Venice Dunn Glockel
Marc and Delva Culp
William Thomas
Jerry and Avie Raburn
F. Charles and Elaine Emery
Stephanie Berry
Lewis and Jill Benavides
Daryl Anderson
Robert and Kay Goodman
Filippo and Alice Masciarelli
Robert and Annalyn Falkenberg
James and Nancy Tritt
Rose Harpool
Mary Denny